Joe: The Great EscapeMature

Word Count: 1,040

The talk with Cancer made me feel slightly better. Even if the guy was borderline homicidal at least he knew about surviving. I didn't trust him as far as I could throw him but he's not someone you'd want on your bad side, I could tell.

The thudding at the door grew louder and more consistent and I knew it was only a matter of time before they'd get in. We had to try and find an exit, go on the run again, find some place safe to stay.

My mind briefly wandered back to the hotel. Sure, there's a possibility that it may have been overrun and it was an hour away, but it had supplies and heavy doors with heavy locks. We had been on the second floor anyway, surely the zombies couldn't be all over the building? Maybe if we sectioned a part of it off, killed the zombies that were still there (silently) we'd be able to fortify it and make it sort of safe.

I didn't know if I was just being hopeful though and I knew that Cancer would object to it. 

I decided to try my luck anyway.

'You know, I've been thinking. That door isn't going to hold forever. Eventually one of those... things are going to get inside, and no doubt they'll be followed by a lot more. Those things travel in packs.'

Cancer responded by glaring at the door like it was responsible for everything that had gone wrong in his life. 'Where are we gonna go?'

'I have an idea, you may not like it though.'

He stared at me, waiting for me to go on. I took a deep breath, bracing myself to get shot down immediately (figuratively speaking, of course, I hoped...)

'The hotel.'

I could see him beginning to protest but I pushed on. 'Think about it: the hotel has heavy doors with heavy locks that'll hold. We could secure a section of the building, destroy any..zombies,' I spat the word out. 'Silently, of course. The hotel has those steel grated shutters that we could pull down to fortify the entrance.'

'There's too many entrances for walkers.'

'Too many entrances for them means plenty of exits for us.'

He sighed, I could see him weighing up the pros and cons. 'We don't really have time to discuss it but fine. We'll go. I wanna find that warehouse soon though. I'm not gonna be the only one that knows this guy's hideouts.'

'Where is this warehouse?'

'There's a few, spread out over town.'

'Well the journey from the hotel took a little under an hour. Maybe we could go to the warehouse on the way?' I started packing up a few items. They mostly consisted of knives and the bottled water that Cancer had. After a quick scout through the kitchen cupboards which looked a little bare, I packed up some bandages and some aspirin, like that could cure anything.

Cancer shoved the remaining items back into his bag and pushed the hand gun in the waistband of his jeans whilst simultaneously slinging the machine gun over his shoulders. 'This way.' He strode on ahead and I followed him, looking not too different from a lost puppy. I hated it, but the guy knew what he was doing and I couldn't afford to hold grudges or be the lone wolf right now.

He went up the stairs, taking them two at a time and crossed the landing to one of the rooms. It wasn't until I saw the fire exit that I realized what he was doing. As if right on cue, something smashed downstairs; a window probably. The howling and the groaning increased, getting much more animated and I shut the bedroom door behind me. I didn't really want to hear it for now. It brought back a lot of unwelcome memories.

Cancer pushed up the window and peered out. Deciding it was all clear, he jumped easily down onto the small roof that acted as a fire exit. I followed suit, slightly misjudging the distance from the windowsill to the roof. There was a split second of sheer terror as I thought I was going to fall to my death, but my feet landed safely and I let out a shaky breath.

A black ladder, attached to the wall and hanging about a metre or so from the ground, provided us with our escape route. Cancer went first with no difficulty. I, of course, can't do anything simple and once again misjudged the distance and slipped. This time, my feet didn't take me to safety and I ended up on my back. A sharp pain shot across my side, although it wasn't any worse than the humiliation I felt. I could see Cancer trying to stifle a laugh. I frowned and pushed myself up, acting like nothing had happened.

'Where's this warehouse then?'

'Right this way. Try not to trip,' he turned round and headed down the alleyway. 

We got to the corner and stopped. The street this side wasn't too dangerous, it only had a few figures shuffling about. Cancer darted to the other end of the alley to see if the street that end fared any better. He gestured with his hand for me to follow him.

This street was clear. Maybe the situation wasn't that bad. Maybe it was really only the hotel that had been affected properly... the place where we were now heading to. What was I thinking? Did I seriously want to head back there? Did I really want to be in the same building where my parents had been brutally killed by these abominations of nature? I knew that we had no choice though. Nowhere was guaranteed safety, but at least the hotel provided some sort of sanctuary. I just hoped it wasn't completely overrun.

For a while, nothing came our way. Cancer took us through back streets and narrow alleyways. The warehouse, he said, was just a little bit further.

It was then, of course, that our luck changed.

We rounded the corner too fast and came head to head with a horde.

Dozens of mindless creatures all turned towards us, absolutely starving for some human meat.

The End

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