Luca: The KidMature

Word Count: 1098


I needed a silencer, badly. The ones I’d seen in the lobby earlier had all managed to get infected and I’d just wandered straight into a locked up building with a bunch of them. The gun was drawing attention of more from outside, but before I could switch to my knife, I heard voices from behind me.

Swinging around, I ignored the zombies reaching through the window for a moment. They didn’t seem to know how to climb, so I figured I’d be okay for a moment.

“Hands in the air!” I yelled. Cocaine aside, I was not in the mood for being patient with anyone right now. They all stuck their hands up in the air. One of them had a bandage around his wrist, the older guy. “You’ve been bit,” I accused.

“No, that’s not a bite,” the older guy told me, covering up the bandage. He plastered on this smile that was supposed to fool me, but I wasn’t buying it. I wasn’t that fucking high.

“Now there’s a lie,” I growled, grabbing him and slapping a hand to his forehead. His fever was sky high – I’d learnt that much in my time at the hospital. Fevers were bad. I flicked the safety off the handgun I’d been using and put it to his temple. I was about to blow his brains out, but the kid yelled at me to let go of him. He even tried to run towards his dad, but his mom stopped him, pulling him back. I held onto the old guy, “you want to watch him turn into one of those things out there, kid?” I asked, gesturing behind me towards the zombies.

“He’s not going to turn,” he said, sounding kinda desperate, “that’s crazy, it’s just a bite.”

“You have no idea.”

The kid’s mom spoke up then; “so what, you’re just going to kill him? He’s still alive for crying out loud,” she cried, “he’s a live human being.” He is for now, I thought. It wasn’t going to stay that way, though, and with those zombies still trying to get through the window, I wanted to find a way out of there, ASAP.

“Fine. Enjoy being torn apart by your husband, I’ve got better things to be doing,” I said, starting to push past them. The old guy dropped down onto his knees and I didn’t spare a thought for him. I just wanted to get out of there. If they wanted to be stupid, then fine.

“Dad!” The kid yelled, panicked. His dad started mumbling something incoherent at them, something about them having to leave.

“Listen to the man, guys. I’m getting out of here,” I told them, but the mom stopped me.

“Wait, what’s going to happen to him?” she asked. I paused, anxious to get out of there, but I felt kind of bad. I guess not much had been told to the outside world, then, they knew less than I did.

“He’s gonna turn into one of those things out there,” I replied bluntly, glancing up at the things at the window. They were getting more restless out there. They really, really wanted to get in here. The woman rushed to her husband’s side, realizing he’d passed out. She grabbed onto his hand, clutching at it desperately as she tried to listen for a heartbeat over the groaning from the things outside. The kid looked numb. He got it. He was in shock, but he got it.

“David?” the woman was saying, “he’s not breathing!” she sobbed. I ignored her; I was too busy trying to decide what to do. I mean, did I wait to try and save one of them? I mean maybe there was something I could learn still. But then I really did want to avoid being eaten alive.

“Mum it’s too late. He’s gone,” the kid said in this sort of monotonous tone. Poor kid, he really was in shock, and probably scared shitless inside. One of the zombies that had been outside a second ago, was suddenly inside, or near enough. It was dragging its leg over the window sill, ignoring the broken glass tearing into its flesh. I shot it down and it fell to the floor with a sickening crunch into the glass. I hoped the rest of the things outside wouldn’t take it as encouragement that one nearly got in.

The old man stirred suddenly, and I pointed my gun at him instead. The woman got this hopeful look on her face, and my god I wanted to punch her. How stupid could you be? She held the guy’s head between the palms of her hands, leaning in to listen for him breathing. It wasn’t gonna happen. All that was gonna happen was that she was going to die and if I stayed there much longer, I was going to die too.

“Mum, get away from him!” the kid shouted. I grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him forcibly from the room. I don’t know why I was bothering. I’m happy to blame the drugs. Either way, though, I didn’t want him to have to see his parents die. I mean, my family life wasn’t exactly happy, and I was quite happy to get rid of my parents, but I’m not so fucked up that I think everyone feels the same way I do. “Mum!” his voice cracked in the panic as he yelled again, “we’ve gotta get her away from him! Let me go!” he pulled away from me, struggling back inside the stupid room.

“Don’t!” I shot a couple more of the things at the window as they threatened to get in, too, but they just kept coming. I seriously had to get a silencer.

“She’s my mother I can’t just leave her!” his mom screamed, drowning out his last few words.

“Too late.” I manhandled him out of the room again, dragging him into the lobby. He fought me the whole way, struggling hard enough to get free when his mom’s screaming stopped. He ran back up the corridor, skidding to a halt as his father’s body started shuffling out of the room. The dead man’s eyes looked up at his son and he started to speed up. While the kid was busy throwing up, I put a bullet in his dad’s head, saving his skinny English ginger ass. I shot down the glass doors at the front of the hotel and pulled him out, forcing him to run with me until we found somewhere safe to hide. 

The End

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