Luca: BlissMature

Survival of the fittest. Will the handful of survivors band together and win, or will the zombies tear them apart?

Word Count: 1044


“Fuck you!” the chair went crashing to the floor, but barely anyone noticed in the busy casino. “Fuck you, you cheated!” Rayn was sat in his own chair looking up at this guy, innocence oozing out of him. Of course he wasn’t innocent, and he had cheated, but seriously, butter wouldn’t melt. Las Vegas, man. There isn’t a place like it.

“Is there a problem, sir?” I asked, standing behind him, just a little too close to unnerve him and throw off his accusations. He turned to look at me and Rayn made his escape. I suppose that was the advantage of being as small as Rayn – you could slip off easily and disappear in seconds.

“Yeah, that little gay boy just ripped me off!”

“I would advise you to remain calm. Come with me and explain what’s happened.” This was my role in the game. Rayn cheated, scammed as many suckers as he could in the casino. I played the casino staff to calm the situation if people like this decided to kick off and control it before any real staff noticed.

He followed me like the little idiot he was, expecting to be taken to an office to review CCTV footage. Instead, I got him outside, with a little confusion and yelling from him. And then I beat the crap out of him. He was so shocked he barely defended himself. By the time I had him pinned to the ground with his arms twisted behind his back, I’d kicked most of the fight out of him anyway. I held his wrists with one hand, ignoring his pleading and snuffled begs for mercy, pulling his wallet out of his jacket pocket.

“No, please, I lost all my money on that game,” he said through a mouthful of blood.

“I know,” I smiled, putting the wallet on the floor where he could watch as I flipped it open. I pulled out his driving licence and read out his address. “Is that your real address?” I asked. He hesitated. “That’s a no, then. So this is a fake ID. Where do you live?”

“I’m not telling you!” he squeaked. Rayn skipped down the alley towards us, grinning like the weirdo he is.

“Aw, is he being difficult?” Rayn asked, smiling sweetly.

“A little.”

“I suggest you tell my friend here where you live. See he has these anger issues. Kinda like the Hulk, only he doesn’t go green,” the sweet innocent face never faltered, even as I released the hunting knife from its sheath strapped to my arm, sliding it straight down into my hand. I didn’t go anywhere without that thing. I pulled it close against his throat, the razor sharp edge pressing just hard enough to draw a few beads of blood.

“Tell me,” I ordered coldly. He caved. And pissed himself. I watched his face as he told me, and saw that it was the truth that was coming out of his mouth. “Good boy. Now, if you call the cops, we’ll find you and make you wish you hadn’t been born, okay?” He nodded, looking up at Rayn.

Rayn, however, was more interested in something going on behind us. “Cops,” he hissed. Their car pulled up as he said it, closing off one exit of the alley.

“Breathe a word of this to them and you’re a dead man,” I whispered in the guy’s ear before pulling him up, using him to block the view of the knife in my hand. I brushed him down with my free hand, sliding the knife back up my sleeve as discreetly as possible. Rayn picked up the guy’s wallet as the cops walked towards us.

“Someone tried to rob this guy!” Rayn shouted to them, “I didn’t see which way they went.”

“And what are you two doing out here with him?” the cop asked, all suspicious and untrusting. I pulled out a packet of cigarettes with the hand that had just been filled with a knife handle moments ago and showed them.

“I just came out here for a smoke. Found him out here all beat up.”

“I saw him from the end of the alley where you’re parked. I didn’t see which way they went, though. We were just trying to make sure this guy’s okay,” Rayn said, handing the guy back his wallet. The guy wasn’t a very good liar, but he was smart enough to play along and he seemed to fool the cops, because they went back to their car to get a radio.

“Remember what I said,” I smiled at the guy. “Stay safe. I’ve really gotta get back to work,” I nodded at the cops, and slipped back inside the casino before they could say anything about it. I left Rayn to it as I stripped off the waistcoat and casino logo, pushing my way back out into the casino to find another exit.


“Well that was an interesting night,” Rayn said, dropping the keys on the coffee table as he flopped down on the sofa next to me.

“Yeah?” I’d gotten in maybe an hour before him and put the time to good use. Aside from running scams in casinos and cheating people out of their hard earned cash, we also ran a small drugs business. I had to make sure what we were getting was good, right? How better than to try it out for yourself?

...Okay so that was bullshit. I’m an addict, what can I say? I am one royally screwed up guy. There weren’t any plans to change that though. I quite enjoyed what we got up to.

Rayn was talking while I was thinking about this, and his words slipped through my mind like vapor dissipating into nothing.

“You’re high, aren’t you?” he asked, prodding me in the chest. I looked at him slowly, like I was moving through glue and grinned.

“S’good stuff, we’ll make a fortune off it. Try some.” He giggled, prodding my face around, taking advantage of the fact I was too fucked to care what he did to me. I whined. “Just try some, stop torturing me.” He smiled brightly and picked up the spoon, setting to work on joining me in my bliss. 

The End

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