Tianna: Crystal

A girl stepped forwards. "Sh," she said. "It's okay. We're all in the same boat. No one else knows what's going on either."

I stopped screaming. There seemed to be something trustworthy about this girl: her open face perhaps or her comforting words which sounded sincere.

"My name's Crystal," the girl said. "What's yours?"

"I'm Tianna." It was evident no one knew who I was. "I'm the princess of Calcedonia."

"Is that in this world?" Crystal asked curiously.

"Yes," I replied puzzled. "Why, which world do you come from?"

"I come from a planet called Earth."

"How intriguing."

I looked around at all the other people. "So are you all from Earth too?"

They nodded.

"Er, do you, perchance, know where we are?" Crystal asked.

I nodded. "We're on Lone Cliff. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to make some sort of camp? I know it's midmorning but we'll need shelter from the wind and it'll make things easier tonight so we're not fumbling around in the dark. We can also wait to see if there are more people coming."

I hated to hear the ring of authority in my voice: it was something you unwittingly developed from ordering servants (like Indigo ...) around. People nodded.

"But how do we build it?" someone asked.

"We collect wood," I replied. "We can tie things together with things from my sewing kit."

I pulled a little bag from a pocket cleverly stitched into my dressing gown. "It contains thick string and scissors, amongst other things."

Crystal grinned. "That's so handy."

"Right, let's get to work. If we co-operate, we'll get this done much quicker."

There were nods of agreement everywhere. So, okay, they still could be bad people, but just because we were helping each other, didn't mean I wouldn't be wary.

The End

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