The: Afterlife

I dozed quietly in the backseat as my uncle slams his palms on the horn. I sat up immediately my head snapping towards a human shape in the middle of the road. My uncle swerved to the left into the other lane, an oncoming car smashes into the front spinning us. My uncle spun the wheel trying to counteract our momentum as we span into more oncoming traffic.

I looked out my window everything a blur, especially the large speeding blur that was about to slam into us before...

Everything went dark, I assumed I must have died because for several seconds I stared at darkness. I hit ground then, hard. It didn't hurt it only shocked me. I lay there for a second before rolling over. The sky above was clear, no clouds. The grass beneath me was slightly damp. I looked around, other people all around. A tall thin man, a woman next to him, more on the other side of me and just further away a human shape zipping through the air. 

I sat up and looked around, the edge of a cliff not far from where I'd landed. The group of people all looked confused and now so did I. Why in the afterlife could I still feel...things? The slight breeze that drifted over me on the high cliff, the damp of the grass and the tingling in my chest from where I'd hit the ground. It didn't make sense.

The End

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