"Hey Autumn, shouldn't you be ginger?" my little brother teases. "Why don't you go and rake the autumn leaves, Autumn? Why don't you go light a fire, Autumn, it goes with you name?"

"Why don't you shut up, Thomas, coz it's the opposite of what'll happen if you don't?" I respond.

"Don't talk to your brother like that" Mum scolds me.


"I don't care what he was saying, he's younger than you"

"Yeah, can't you take a joke?" Tom sticks out his tongue. I can take jokes. I make jokes... though sometimes they can go a little too far. But come on, I'm the last person he should be asking if they can take jokes

"Jokes like that don't work if you carry them on"

"Autumn, go to your room"

"No, I'll go out instead"

"Fine, just leave your brother alone"

"Fine" I shut the door and go off to the park. About my name. Autumn is not the best name in the world. I mean, it's nice, but it has no nicknames whatsoever. Sigh.

OK, I've developed a habit of crossing the road without looking. I've almost been run over quite a lot. This time is no different. I step into the road just as a car comes along. It almost hits me but I scream "NO!" and hold out my hands. And the car slows down. Everything slows down. Except me. The driver's panicked expression gets worse at the pace of a snail. He beeps his horn in slow motion. I wonder why his headlights are on in broad daylight and am temporarily blinded. 

And them I'm on a cliff. You may be thinking 'a cliff!?'. Well, I can tell you, that's exactly what I'm thinking.

The End

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