Summer: Flightless?

I never realised that the figures from the other dimension couldn’t notice me. By concentrating hard, I made my figure visible to the human eye; displaying cotton hair made out of yellow rose petals, sharp facials features including a pointed noise and slanted amber eyes, with ruby-coloured lips that sparkled in the faint sunlight every few minutes. I had no idea what made them shine; whatever material they were ‘built’ from, it evaded my knowledge of all I knew of this World.

I wasn’t wearing the most flexible of outfits to meet new people: a jade jumpsuit made of a material that, to humans, would look like grass and forest leaves, but I had no power to change my clothing as I chose.

The children started to turn away, one by one, and one of the boys especially fast. I watched as he tried to stop at the edge of the deep cliff, but decided it would be better (strangely) to topple off the cliff-face.

I cried out as the flightless boy disappeared.

Please survive. Don’t be silly, boy, but survive! I begged in my head; another broken person was not what I needed right at that moment.

But then, there he was, the boy was hovering- flying even. He had, one second, been facing certain death, and now he was floating in mid-air. Oh, yes, it was all starting to come together then.

My expression of bemusement was mirrored by the others who too could not believe their eyes. We stared and we stared, until finally I turned to where handsome tall man had been seconds before, but where there was now only thin air.

I stood there and watched the others, smiling slyly.

The End

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