Seraphim: Excuse me?

This man stepped into the sun, and he was tall. He had two green eyes, and black hair. His skin was smooth, and white. He was wearing what looked like a suit.

"What do you want with us!?" A woman screamed at the man.

Then the man spoke, "well, why tell you that? It'll ruin the surprise." He chuckled a bit, "there will be more comming. Though, when they come is up to them."

"Why are we here?" I asked.

"Well, first let's get you introduced. That is Sapphire, That one is Seraphim, That one is Chimera, and that one is Crystal. And this Angel who has so uncannily hidden herself from your sight is Summer."

Then he laughed a little maniacly.

"Well, what are we doing here?" Crystal asked.

"You'll find out."

And with these words he vanished, surprising us all. Then I looked at all the people who were here. Sapphire, Chimera, Crystal. I wanted to be alone, just alone. But no one cared about me. No one. And it was only a matter of time before these people turn on me too. So I turned around, pivoting on my heel. And I rush forward, running through the trees. I just want to get away from them, away.

Then I see a cliff, but I saw it too soon for me to stop. So, I jump off the edge. The adrenaline pumping through my veins. Then, as I'm screaming, as I'm falling... I stop. In midair I float and I look around.

Liking this new ability to fly, I begin to fly in any direction, except the one I just came from.

The End

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