I glided along, some 20 or so metres above the wood, feeling the soft air touch my feathered crimson-and-golden-tipped wings. That’s why they called me ‘Summer’, because of the dark colour of my wings, just like the setting sun. All creatures of the land were named so for their appearances, though some chose to throw away the name and live in constant mystery.

I always found this dimension a quiet place, although the disturbances over the years had taken their toll, and the grass wasn’t as green, or the sun didn’t give out as much shine as beforehand. Our dimension used to be such a beautiful place, back in those days, but now I’ve seen its happiness fade. That was depressing, as I enjoyed the happiness of others; I saw them laugh and smile and…love; it made me feel so glad inside that their lives were complete.

At the edge of the forest I swooped down and noticed a man standing below me. He seemed to be waiting for someone. And then there she was, appearing from nowhere and angry and confused.  The man stepped out of the wood and light shone on his face. He looked tired, but important, and his eyes gleamed with knowledge a thousand times over. And he was very tall; that usually meant something in these parts. He looked like a collector, but one could never be sure, especially from this distance.

I floated down to land next to him, and watched the girl make her way, frustrated, towards us. The spiky dead grass tickled my bare feet a little, but the girl seemed unaffected by it. I was always over-sensitive though, a trait which gave jealousy to others who could not feel every little detail that I could…

I next noticed the others- two boys and another girl- hectically appear and watch the small exchange. They too seemed as confused and bewildered as the first girl, but were trying to take it in their stride. How strange, we had not had a person –let alone four- ‘cross over’ for hundreds of years...

“Well,” I said to the tall man, out of the corner of my mouth, “It seems things have begun.”

The End

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