"I hate this place!" I scream. I run out of the house tears streaming down my face. I make sure to slam the door behind me.

They just don't understand. He doesn't understand. Them and their perfect little family and I'm the odd one out. My mothers daughter but not his the follower of god the almighty.

I don't believe in god so I don't have to do all this praying and what not yet I go along with it and still one foot out of line.... Bam!

I'm given a whole lecture on how god has to be worshipped believed in and followed. And he's got mum doing it now. Always 'Oh Crissie why do you have to do this again'.

Again?!? I didn't do nothing just because I said I didn't have time to wash the dishes cause I had to get my asignment in tommorow or get a detention. I mean come on?? Are Dishes all that important.

I reach the beach and continue running down it until I find the little crack in the wall. I sneak through it and into the crystal lit cave. So beautiful.... I reach out to touch one then.

"Ouch! What the hell?!?" I'm lying on grass and better yet... Close to the edge of a cliff. I scramble back and... "I'm sorry!" I shout helping the girl back to her feet then noticing the boy behind her.

"Oh..... Um, I relize I've interupted something but... Where am I???"

The End

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