Chimera, what an odd name for one to be named,but whenever I asked my parents, they just said that it suited my personality.  How did they came to that conclusion is beyond me. This isn't what I normally think about just walking around in the 20 block of a subdivision in the middle of city. I kick up some dust in the air, I usually think about how boring and irratating this place is with a bunch of normal named children constantly trying to find the slightest difference in someone to make them feel small.

But not today, no today those kids will never bother me again, not after I finally stood up for myself and made them feel the pain, and anger they made me feel for the years I have lived here. Probably right now they are running home thier eyes bruised their noses bleeding. Like I said never agian will they bother me.  I take a left turn onto a a field of yellow dying grass,  a soccer net standing alone with a partener parrelel of it. I walk to the aproximate posistion of where the other one would be, and wondered where it had gone. Had bored teenagers taken it down? Did it just mysteriously disapear, or did it just rot away? My imagination ran wild even though I knew it was probably just taken because it needed to be fixed.

More and more ideas pile into my head, one that stuck in imparticular. What if all nets of a sort lead to another dimension? As I paced back in forth in my imaginary soccer net across from a very real one I think until, everything flashes around me. I find myself on a cliff amazed, and very surprised. I fall backwards in light headedness not quite believing my eyes.

The End

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