Seraphim: Floating.

Running, through the woods. The world passing me by. Everything, so wrong.

"My dad hit me, he hit me."

I just wanted to run. Then, I tripped. I fell forward, my face scraping along the ground. I began to cry.

Everything was just going wrong, my dad, my school, my friends. Everything, they all hated me, they all hate me, and they'll always hate me.

Then, a bright light shone and lit up the dark night sky. I looked at it and saw a being that had six wings, with two it flew, two it covered it's body, and two it covered it's feet. It was so bright, as if it were on fire. I was in awe. I reached up to touch and manage to reach it's wing.

Suddenly, I was thrown into a different place. It was daylight, and there was a cliff. I quickly scrambled back, fearing a fall. Then I looked behind myself and saw a woman, and she was talking to a man that had just stepped out of the shadows.

The End

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