Shhhhhhhh. The noise of the wind blowing through the branches of the mori I was walking through.

Buh boo booh, buh boo. The sound of some annoying bird somewhere.

Thwack. Thwack. Me, decapitating the dandelions on the river bank with a fairly long straight stick.

What is with everyone today? What did I do to make everyone take their anger out on me?

I throw the stick into the kawa and sit down, slipping off my sandals and trailing my toes in the water.

A blue glint catches my eye. The sun reflecting off the water? I don't think so. It's too blue. A stone? Do rocks glint?

I dip my hand in and fish whatever it is out. It's - surprise surprise - a stone!

Transparent. Dark blue. Catches the light and sparkles spectacularly.

A sapphire. My namesake.

Suddenly a blue light flashes from within. I screw up my eyes, but I still get an annoying bright blob in the middle of my vision.

I notice it's suddenly become very quiet. And a bit colder. And there's no water running over my feet. 

I open my eyes, and even with the vision blob there's no mistaking the fact that my legs are no longer dangling over a riverbank, but over a cliff.

I scramble backwards very quickly, trying to get away from the gaping gorge.

I hear an amused laugh from behind me and turn to look.

"Where am I? Who are you?" I ask.

"Oh, you're a funny one. Everyone always asks those questions." I can't see the speaker so I just narrow my eyes and glare at my surroundings in general.

"Anyway. You are in what you would probably call another dimension. No one's crossed from your dimension in a long time. It only happens once every hundred years or so."

"How would you know? And who are you?" I was getting annoyed now.

"I would know, because I am not some clueless person who found their namesake and got themselves teleported here. Like the world you came from is your races dimension, this is mine. And I'll tell you who I am when you tell me who you are."

"My name is Sapphire," I say. 

And then the person steps from the shadows of a hayashi.

Note - the words in italics are Japanese. Mori is forest, hayashi is small woods and kawa is river.


The End

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