When the camp is built, I go as far away from it as possible while I can still see it. I'm not normally like this, but then I'm not normally on top of a cliff, either. 

Not long after it sit down against a tree, a man walks up to the forest, only stopping when he sees me. He's really well dressed (really well dressed), to say his shirt is un-tucked and his hair is a mess. He's quite handsome, too. He looks confused and a bit worried.

"Whoa, hey" I say. "What's up?" 

The man looks at me, and then hesitates before answering. "I am worried about Her Highness" 

"Oh, the princess" I mutter. "What's wrong with her?"

"She is ill" he frowns "But she thinks that she is not"

"Oh" I say, not bothering to hide the fact that I don't really care. "What's your name?"

"I am a servant. You do not need to know my name" he tells me, as if it's very obvious. 

"I want to" I counter. "You don't want me to call you 'servant', do you? 'Sides, your not my servant" I say, not really liking the fact that he thinks he's so much lower than everyone else. 

"What is your name, young girl?" he switches it around.

"I'll only tell you mine if you tell me yours, 'servant'"I grin. I see the hint of a smile on the man's lips, but then he frowns.

"My name is Indigo"

"Indigo... That's a nice name. My name's Autumn"

"I like your name, too" this time, he actually smiles. God, he looks so much nicer when he smiles. 

And then, there is a shout from the camp. "Stop!" 

Indigo's face goes back to the almost-frown. "Oh dear" he says.


"It is Her Highness. I must go to help" 

"Fine. I'll come with you." I say. 

When we get there, it doesn't look like anything went wrong. All I see is an angel (a freaking angel! This is ridiculous!), bowing at the princess's feet. No wonder Indigo thinks he's so low down. His princess has angels bowing down to her, for God's sake.

I don't think I like the princess very much.

The End

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