Summer: Princess!

I watched the people gather around and talk worriedly amongst themselves. Obviously they had no idea what was going on.

They seemed not to have noticed me, but then again I was close to the forest, I could easily have been ‘merged’. I believe humans like these call it ‘being camouflaged’. Just in case, though, I double-checked to see whether my skin was still visible. It was, but it had a translucent effect to it, and was shimmering too much for my liking.

I watched them right until the midmorning sun started to warm up above. I could have stood there forever if I needed to (but I would never have chosen that path) but they were busy shifting themselves around and finding things to do. They would need instruction soon.

Suddenly, I realised that they were gathering materials and planning to build a camp.

No, not here! They’ll fall right into the trap! My thoughts raged against my previous decision to watch and not be involved.

I rushed out into the clear daylight and into the little makeshift camp. There were some startled gasps at my appearance and it confirmed my suspicions that they hadn’t seen me until now. A boy, ‘The’, I think he was called, lunged at me using one of the few sticks that were gathered, as a pike.

“Get away, beast!” He cried.


Offended, I lifted myself back out of the range of his weapon, whilst a couple of the other youths looked on. I noticed then, that a few had already built their tents and were inside, oblivious to what was going on outside. From the noise, it sounded like they were having a heated discussion.

But this ‘The’ boy was persistent. He ran at me and tried everything to get me to back away. I wondered whether I would have to hide myself again, if he wasn’t willing to let me help, but then a familiar voice rang out.

“Stop!” It was the voice of one of those inside the camp and, counting the number there, I realised that I must have missed her entrance. Curious, I floated forward. And then she turned her tear-stained face to me.

“Our Princess!” I drifted back down to the ground beside the cliff and put my head to the floor and to her wonderful feet.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Your Highness. You shouldn’t be here!”

The End

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