I was lying in one of the tents, daydreaming about Indigo...

I visualised his rich hair and the exact way I would caress it if he were mine. In this scenario, I would drown in his eyes which would open up to me, the portals to a soul I wished mine to combine with. I imagined leaning in towards him, becoming enveloped in the atmosphere created by the knowledge that we had love and each other, and nothing could tear us apart. Our lips softly brushed...

"Your Highness?"

I was startled out of my reverie by an impossible voice. I opened my eyes to see an impossible sight.

Indigo was standing there, exactly as I had imagined him, with his shirt not tucked in and without his black waistcoat so we could forget he was my servant - indeed I'd always loved to imagine myself as his servant - and he was looking at me with a mixture of horror and surprise.

"Your Highness, I am so sorry!" he exclaimed, looking at himself.

Sorry? Well, that wasn't right. I stood up and reached out to stroke his hair.

"Your Highness, I don't know what I'm doing here," he said, ignoring my fingers which tugged slightly at the soft strands of chocolate. "And so improperly dressed too!"

I moved my hand to put a finger on his lips.

"You don't wish me to speak?" he asked. I chuckled as his warm breath tickled my skin.

I shook my head and took his hands with both of mine. I smiled at him. "Forget yourself, Indigo. There's no one to watch us here."

Indigo looked confused. "I know not what you intend to communicate, Your Highness."

"Forget that you're my servant. Forget that I'm a princess. It's just you and I, here and now, and nothing matters."

"But..." he murmured.

I silenced him with a look.

"Indigo, I have something I wish to confess to you."

"Your Highness," he started again.

"Tianna," I interrupted. "Call me Tianna."

"...Tianna," he said hesitantly. "Shouldn't we be working out how I'm here?"

I shrugged. "It could be the same magic which brought me to Lone Cliff - that's where we are. I don't particularly care. It's strange, though... I so wished to see you."

Indigo looked more confused. "I'm sorry. You were saying?"

"Indigo, I ... feel a strong attachment to you."

"A ... strong attachment? I'm flattered, Your- Tianna."

I stroked his cheek. "Would you be interested in letting me explore my feelings for you?"

Indigo's brow furrowed. "Again, I know not what you intend to convey."

"I wish to convey my desire for us to ... court."

Indigo looked shocked. He was so startled that he reverted to servant speak. "Your Highness! That is out of the question!"

I was hurt by his reaction. "You don't feel the same?"

"What?! No! That would be most improper. I am a lowly servant and you are a princess! For us to court would..."

"Close the gap between the classes," I murmured.

"No! Would cause outrage!"

"So love can be deterred?" I asked angrily, crying inside.

"You can NOT feel love for me. It is an impossibility."

"Well, I declare myself impossible then. Will you do the same?"

"Your Highness, it is clear that you are ill. I will not take you seriously until we have taken you to see a doctor."

"I do not need to see a doctor! And I am insulted that you doubt my sanity. Why can't you just ignore the rules and open your mind to possibilities? Why must you be so ... so quick to say no to something that could be beautiful and pleasurable?!"

"Your Highness, let's take you outside for some fresh air."

"I do not need fresh air!" I scream furiously. "Get out and come back when you have something to say that I want to hear!"

Indigo bowed. "As you wish."

With that, he left the tent.

I kicked a pole in my annoyance. Then I sit on the ground and burst into tears.

The End

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