Mrs. ColdhamMature

Four weeks in this sinkhole and I'm already required to write some personal crap.

Pardon, excuse my language.

Mrs. Sheridan, I do hope you enjoy this.

About me? Well I'm a middle aged Filipino woman with a sufficient husband and two dead daughters. I've got nothing to complain about except for the end of the world, but that one is a given. I hope I've also made it very clear I've got a chip on my shoulder and have no intention of getting rid of it. It's my coping mechanism, and I can only hope other people can cope with it.

I know my harshness is wearing down on people, especially my husband, but if there are things to be done and things to be said, they must be done and said. Sometimes I think I'm the only person alive that is bold enough to get loud to keep the peace. Does that make any sense? In any case I've got a whole twenty or so people to take care of and so it leaves little room for myself. I hope you realize that this introspection thing isn't as easy as you might think. I care about how others behave, not myself.

If that's what you wanted to get out of me, there, you have it. I'm controlling and mean because I care. I'm the sort of model type A personality that has kept this whole organization running. I need to have things under control. It's maddening. I get crazy and violent when things go astray.

Now I guess is the time to say I'm sorry for that.

The End

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