Little JimMature

Hi, my names Jim! But most people call me Jimmy or Little Jim. I don't have last name either. Okay I do, but I don't use it anymore cause I don't like it and that's it. Anyway I'm ten now, and really good at playing poker. I'm also black. I'm the only black kid in all of america! At least the only one that I know of. The only kid younger than me is Annie, but she's only a baby. Lets just say I'm the youngest kid to live through the apocalypse...

When I was still nine, and before I found anyone, I lived in Sacramento. My mom told me to go camping out in the wildernes for awhile before the city was bombed. After it was bombed, I was all alone. I got really hungry and scared for awhile. Then Noodle Arm came. He looked like a bum riding in on a little yellow girl bike. I decided to follow him. He gave me a can of tuna the first time we met. 

After that we helped eachother survive. Traveled up north and found Marcie and then everyone else. I taught people goldfish and Sarah taught me poker. My favorite foods are canned peaches and fresh baked bread. I haven't had fresh baked bread in months. My favorit e color is blue like the sky. My favorite animal is a geraf. I used to have a picture book with a geraf riding a hippo. Ever since reading that book, the geraf's my favorite animal.

The End

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