Inventing (Dakota)

The joy of knowing Alex wasn't getting kicked out made it so neither one of us heard George saying we had to go to school. We just ran to our room and continued in what we were doing: making an electronic bunk-bed. It turned around like a ferric wheel.

"Test number one starting in 3...2...1...." I pressed a button and the beds starting going around and around, squeaking slightly.

"Oiling needs to be done to stop squeaking..." Alex began scribbling notes down on a piece of paper about improvements we could make.

"We could put in a stereo system...." I watched our creation turn round.

"Solar panels for less of an electricity cost...."

"A fan..."

"And then we need to install some of those things in everyone elses' beds." Alex concluded.

"Yep. Test one: success." I reached over and turned off the device, which whirred to a stop.

The End

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