School? (Jaymie)

School? I have to go to school? Can't I be home tutored instead? I was about to suggest this to George but he left before I could. I don't like school. Last time I went to school all the people I classed as friends made fun of my name, and then they said they wouldn't be my friend any more. And then after that my brother tried to home tutor me but then gave up when I started telling him what I had been doing at school (because he was teaching me stuff I already knew). So I'm, like, a few years behind everyone else. I was ten when he stopped teaching me. Which makes me exactly three-and-a-half years behind. I don't even know what year I'm supposed to be in. And like I'll ever be able to make friend again. I sit on my bed, being mardy about it. I think it annoys the hell out of everyone because I mutter a whole stream of made up curses about how much I hate the idea. Finally, Dakota says

"Jaymie. Cut it out" she sounds really annoyed so I quieten down a bit. 

"What's wrong?" Yolanda asks.

"I don't want to go to school!"  I moan loudly.

"Why not?" she asks. I tell her. She ponders this for a bit and then tells me that if I don't go to school then I'll just get further and further behind and then everyone'll be doing GCSE's and I'll still be on Y6 level. I have nothing to say to that because I know she right so I just carry on being mardy. 

The End

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