George: the curious officer.

I sat in the archives room with my head in my hands. This was taking too long. I was going to visit the girls later to check up on them-this time it was only going to be a quick visit as I was going to dinner with my sisters this evening. Fiona's fifteenth-and the first time I would have seen them since the funeral.

It should be a happy occasion...but we all knew a part of it wouldn't be.

There seemed to be no records of alliterations such as myself. Only a few records of somebody famous visiting the city to open a new museum....or the hundredth birthday of an ex-officer. Nothing about a riot or a case of abandonment with any alliteration child. Because that's what these girls had been faced with-abuse and abandonment. It made me angry that their parents had never even been prosecuted.

It wasn't till hours later that I found mind surged with this new information, and as soon as I'd scribbled down the details I grabbed my coat and ran to the girls' appartment.

The End

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