Anali: The New Home

I didn't sleep a wink that night but I wasn't really tired. I sat on the window seat that was in my room and looked out into the city. It looked so much more peaceful at night. Just then my cell phone went off. Who would be texting me in the middle of the night? I looked at my phone and almost dropped it when I saw the name. It was my ex-BFF Laura! I opened it at read the text.

Hey Ana! I'm really sry about what I did at school the day before u vanished. I went to ur house to say sry but ur 'rents said u ran away! I'm praying that ur cell isn't dead! Text me back!

I really wasn't sure of what to think. I decided after a minute or two to finally text her back and tell her the real reason why I wasn't with my parents anymore.

Laura don't believe anything my 'rents say 2 u. They're lying. They kicked me out of the house so I didn't know where to go. Right now I am staying in an apartment with some other kids.

I hit send then turned back to the window before falling asleep on the window seat.

The End

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