Reunited (Dakota)

Feeling tired, I went to my new room. Upon entering, I looked around at the inside. It was a nice room, but I still missed the alley. Going to the window, I opened it and looked out at the stars. I sat and stared at them for longer than I thought, because when I finally went to bed, it was midnight. Just before I dozed off to sleep, a knock on the door startled me. Getting up, I went to answer. When I pulled it open after undoing the locks, a boy my size with the exact same color of eyes and hair (including the silver streaks) stared at me.

"Dakota?" I took a step back, then, took a good hard look at his face.

"Alex?" Our eyes widened at the same time.

"Dakota!" He hugged me. I hugged him right back.

"Alex! How did you find me?" I pulled out of his hug as he did the same.

"I don't know. I just heard over the news that four girls were camping out in an alley and a feeling in my gut told me you were one of them! I can't believe it was right!" He grinned at me.

"Come on, your staying with us. Tomorrow morning I'll introduce you to George Golding, the guy who got us this place, Anali Andrews, Yolanda Yoeman and Jaymie Jeskins! They're all alliteration kids like me! They won't care one bit that you came!" I smiled at him, light dancing in my eyes. Suddenly, I remembered something. "Where's mom?"

"Mom died. So did Dad. That's why I was trying to find you." He looked at me sadly.

"Don't worry. Now that we're together, we won't be separated ever again! Come on, we can share rooms." I pulled him inside to my room. "I'll go get an extra mat for you until I can get you a mattress."

"Ok. I'll just stay here." He was looking around at my loot as I ran and got a pad, blankets and pillow for him. Soon, we were both asleep.

The End

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