George: the departing officer

Jaymie seemed to really want to know the date. I checked my watch, which flashed a little 25 back at me. 'The twenty fifth of...April. Huh-it's my sister's birthday in a week's time.' Fiona didn't seem like she was going to be fifteen... 'And the time is, time for me to get going. I hope you find your way around-I put some cereal in the cupboard for breakfast and milk, that sort of stuff. Have a good night, I'll check up tomorrow.'

'Goodnight George!' Dakota smiled.

I scrunched up my face. 'It's David, really.'

'I know. I just like calling you George, because it is your alliteration name.' I shook my head after theyclosed the door. I wasn't too sure I understood all of this "alliteration" stuff. As I sat back at home I flicked aimlessly through Tv channels before picking up the phone. 'Hi Aunt Linda. It's David.'

'David! How are you?' she sounded the perfect balance between happy to hear from me and anxious about how I was coping.

'I'm just fine, thanks. Coping well enough. How are Fiona and Teresa?'

'Oh, they're settling in fine. You know, you can come and stay any time you like David, you be sure of that.' I really did love my aunt Linda. She was doing so well herself- my dad was her older brother, her only brother, and they'd always been close. I suppose in a way that helped, because the girls knew her so well.

After chatting to everyone I went to bed, knowing I would have difficulty getting up so early tomorrow for work. But I had an idea of what I could do with my lunch break-I was sure the station would have records of some "alliteration children", and I wanted to know more.

The End

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