What's The Date? (Jaymie)

"Because we're all Alliteration Kids, and so are you" Dakota said. I was beginning to believe this stuff, but I still wasn't too sure.

"I don't believe in it as much as these guys" I say, gesturing to the others "But they treat me like family. I was kicked out of the house by my brother about... umm... two years ago, because I was named an alliteration. I've been on the streets ever since"

"Your brother could get arrested for child abuse" George said. George is a kind police officer. He looked worried.

"You'll never find him. He moved last month. He was pretty nice to me until he looked up my name on the internet..." I told him. The others told their stories too. They talked about how long it's been since they were in a house, which made me wonder...

"Hey!" I said loudly, everyone looked at me "Does anyone know the date?"


The End

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