George: a helping hand.

I looked at Dakota, whose eyes were boring into me. I wondering why she needed to ask for a couple of trips.

'Of course you can take a few trips! I couldn't let you leave all this stuff here-for a start I feel we'd be breaking a law or two.' I grinned, because this was probably not true at all, but hey, I'm an officer. 'I want you girls to feel completely at home.'

Once everything had been transported I took them to see the inside of their new home. The apartment was near mine, so I thought I could go check up on them. I made sure it was four separate bedrooms-I know how Fiona and Teresa always bicker when they have to share a room on holiday. The girls looked around in slight wonderment. Gosh, they must have been on the street for a while. I helped Dakota transfer all of her possessions to her room, where I hoped she wouldn't squirm about the pink bedsheeets. I made sure they knew where everything was, and then turned aside to Yolanda.

'Here,' I gave her a fair amount of money, which she looked at a little worried. 'A weekly amount for shopping, necessities-I wasn't too sure what shampoo you all used. There's a bit extra there too, until you can get a job.'

'But how did you get this?' She tried to hand it back, but I closed her hand over the notes.

'Let's just say I have more than I need, so I'd want to give it to those who do need it.'

It was around lunchtime then so I made beans on toast-one of the only dishes I can successfully make without burning anything. The girls tucked in gratefully, and after a while I cleared my throat. 'Right, I know you probably won't want to hear this, but you three girls-' I pointed at Dakota, Anali and Jaymie. '-ought to be in school. But first, I wouldn't mind knowing a little about you girls. I'd like to know who I'm housing. So-why were you on the streets?'

The End

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