Moving? (Dakota)

As we bed down for the night, I looked up at the stars. Funny. I thought. I found three family members in one day. My eyelids began to droop. I wonder what will happen tomorrow....

The next morning I woke up to someone calling our names.

"Dakota! Anali! Yolanda! Jaymie!" I sat up and looked over towards the entry. There was George. I don't call him David, because he's George, my brother. Or at least, kind of. Well, you know what I mean.

"What?" I was the only one sitting up, but I could see that everyone else was awake too.

"Can I come in?" He looked at the walls, wary of the security system.

"Sure." I got out of bed and got him through the security. "What's up?"

"I got you a home." He looked at me. That one sentence made everyone sit up, fast.

"What?" We all said in unison.

"An apartment! Come on, I'll show you." He walked towards the exit, but didn't go beyond the security.

"Ok. Thanks!" Anali stood and began to gather her things. So did Yolanda and Jaymie. I just stood still.

"What's wrong?" The officer looked at me, curious.

"Nothing. I'll just need to, um, grab a few things." I looked around the alley. "It's just that, this alley has been my home for two years." I walked to the back to grab my bags, the bags I always had put together in case I had to move. I never thought that I'd need these. Picking them up, I gathered my favorite things.

"Dakota, there's something bothering you." Yolanda had followed me back.

"Do you think he'll let me come back and bring everything to the apartment?" I looked up at her, troubled.

"I think so. Let's go ask him." She walked back to where everyone was waiting. I followed her. I walked straight up to George and looked into his eyes.

"Can I take a few trips and bring everything here to the apartment?"

The End

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