Meeting Dakota (Yolanda)

Jaymie was an alliteration child too. I knew it, I did. I had been looking for them, as it was rumored that the alliteration children were going to find each other soon. And so I walked with him, but I realised we were walking into an alley. Someone stood there before us. But she was short! I mean, she was only a little kid.

"Run," Jaymie whispered.

"Ha!" I snorted. "Wait a moment."  I asked the person standing in front of us, "Who're you? What's your name?" 

"Dakota, you?" she sounded like an adult, the way she spoke.

"Yolanda, but I mean your last name too."

"You first."

"Yoeman." I said, wondering if that was such a good idea.

"Yolanda Yoeman! Welcome! I'm Dakota Drake. I know you! You're one of us!"

"What? Is it true?" Jaymie whispered. "This is seriously..."

"Come on. Dakota, this is Jaymie Jeskins. She's one too. Where can we go? This doesn't seem like the best place to be."

"Come," Dakota said, leading us down the alley. I grabbed Jaymie's hand, following Dakota Drake to wherever she was going.

"Uh!" Jaymie exclaimed. "Can I not get one moment's peace?"

The End

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