We're Family. (Dakota)

"Oh." I watched as Anali fiddled with my guitar. I stood and walked to the back of the alley where I kept my laundry. I'm actually a very organized person.

"Where are you going?" Anali looked up from the guitar.

"Sheets. I need to change them. Plus, I think I have a hammock out here. Not very comfy, but I can sleep in it." I pulled back one of the many blankets that I used to cover things with and started rummaging through the stack of laundry.

"Oh ok." She started playing the guitar. "Still needs tuning but it works."

"Yay!" I came out with some sheets. "Here let me change the sheets now." Anali stood up, picking up her guitar as well as mine.

"So....you want me to stay here?" She tilted her head as she asked the question.

"Yes. We're like family. We both are scorned just because of our names, we both know that there are other kids like us, and we should look for the other twenty-four kids together!" I finished with the sheets and went to find my hammock.

The End

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