Bump (Dakota)

I wandered down the street where I usually scavenged food for myself. My eyes were on the ground, not seeing anything. I had spaced out. I smacked into someone.

"Watch where you're going!" The girl I had bumped into looked about fifteen.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." I took a step to the side and started walking. The girl followed me.

"Where are you going anyway?" She looked at me intently. "A girl your age shouldn't be wandering around alone. That's dangerous for eight year olds." I was small for my age, really small. I stopped and turned to look at her.

"First, I'm not eight. I'm ten. Second, it's none of your business about where I'm going." I stared at her, knowing she'd say something.

"Well, you still shouldn't be alone. Can I come with you?" She stared right back at me.

"Maybe. What's your name?" If she was like me, then yes, she could come.

"What's yours?" She wasn't going to give her name away easily. Suspicious......

"You tell me yours, then I'll tell you mine." I looked up at her with my hazel eyes.

"My name is Anali Andrews. Now you tell me yours." She folded her arms and looked at me fiercely.

"Dakota Drake. You may come with me." I turned and headed to the alley where I kept my things. One down, twenty-four more to go. Maybe by the time I'm fifty-eight I'll have found my family. I smiled at the thought. "It's right down here, where I live." I walked down my alleyway, turned off the scanner (I have a thing for electronics) and walked to where I had my mattress.

The End

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