Aidan Bible

My alarm clock woke me at a quarter past eight. At least, that’s when it was supposed to wake me that day. It was running late. Luckily, I managed to wake myself through shear habit, before the time reached the half past. So, at twenty past eight I stumbled to breakfast.

On my way across my dingy flat to the kitchen area, I passed several calendars with the date marked and circled various times in red pen. July 20th. That was that day.

“Today’s the day!” I mumbled to myself, excitement creeping in despite the slight pain of being leathered last night.

I’m not hungover, I told myself as I made a coffee, I didn’t even drink that much.

But to stay alert was my best course of action for the day. So, I focused all my thoughts onto Meggan, the soon-to-be Mrs. Bible.

Mrs. Bible… I had often wondered about my name, and now I stopped dead thinking deeply. It had often crossed my mind before now to ask why my family’s name was ‘Bible’, especially since we were deeply religious too. It seemed too much of a coincidence, but I was always afraid to ask, in case it upset my parents.

I never asked about my first name either. Sometimes, I don’t think they did it on purpose (Aidan was a very popular, and common, name in the 80s, perhaps it just sounded nice), but other times… Well, let’s just say I had my suspicions that my name wasn’t as much of an accident as they had tried to make it look.

What really confirmed that thought was my middle name: Red. Aidan Red Bible. For one thing, what sort of name is ‘Red’? When I was young it didn’t matter; to my younger self, it was a cool, outdoorsy type of name, which I took joy in because, to me, the outdoors were a great place to be.

But, as I aged, I wondered what it could mean. Red as in colour? Red as in past tense of ‘read’ (but spelt phonetically instead)?


I jumped out of my thoughts and back to my wedding day. That was more important, joining Meggie into my family (despite the name) was something far more precious to me.

Because my name was something that I’d never understood, and would probably never understand, until I died. So then, it was much better to concentrate on the things I could really grasp onto.

Besides, how can you have some aid in a red bible anyway?

The End

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