Name Puns: From A Character's View

You wake up one day, and start to ponder the origins of your strange name.

Have you ever created a character and then (unintentionally or otherwise) given them a strange name or thought ‘Hang on, that sounds just like…’

If not, now is the time to create one. Go on, pick anything out thin air.

What do you think your character would feel about their name? Perhaps they’d be happy, perhaps they’re a comedian and their name fits them like a glove. Perhaps your character hates the name, and maybe even hates the people who gave them their name!

Maybe it’s not even their real name. Perhaps they chose this name because it suited them more or because they didn’t think much of their boring previous one. Perhaps they were forced into the new name. Who knows?

Create a character, create a name, and maybe even create a scenario. After all, it may be the only way we can get to meet them.

There’s an example on the next page.

Prepare to meet…

The End

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