Naiads and Omens

The story of Nicolai Koizumi is vauge to me. So who better to help me figure it out but protaggers?

Nicolai is a half-Naiad and ever since his father's death he has been lost in a world that becomes stranger by the day. Monster follow him wherever he goes and a strange power draw him closer and closer to the ocean. Who will he meet on this journey, and how will they effect him? Few journeys of self discovery are stranger.

There was a man who lived by the river. He had not always lived by the river, of course. He had once been a very important person in his home country. But things had changed, so he left his country to live in the strange land on the other side of the world. In the time he had lived there, he had come to know the river and all its' many faces. When it stormed, the river would thrash in its' bed. To and fro, to and fro, until the terrible weather passed. When it was sunny, the river would swirl and move along, happy to bask in the warmth of the sun's glow. One day, the man sat on the river bank and stared into its' blue depths. Instead of his face, he saw that of a beautiful woman staring back at him. Of course this surprised him and so he fell back with a cry. When he composed himself and returned to look back at the water, the face was gone.

"Very strange," the man murmured."Very strange indeed."

The next day, the man went about his daily chores and returned to his spot on the riverbank. Once again, he looked down and saw the face of a beautiful woman with eyes the color of the river. The two stared at each other curiously for a moment. Finally the man spoke.

"Hello." he said.

"Hello." said the woman in the water.

And so it became a habit for the man to sit on the riverbank when his chores were done and he would chat with the mysterious lady in the river. They soon became very good friends. And soon after that they fell in love. The woman stepped from the river and went with the man to his small house.For five years they lived happily together. Not a day went by though that the woman wouldn't stare at her river with longing. The man did his best to love her and make her forget of her home beneath the water but it was to no avail. One day she simply disappeared, and the man's heart ached.

It had been almost a year since the river woman had left when she appeared at his door step with a bundle wrapped in a blanket woven of spun river weeds. She handed it to the man and he was speechless. A small face crowned by a pale lock of hair stared up at him solemnly with gray eyes.

"This is your son. Keep him safe and away from the water. My father will want to claim him. His name Is Nicolai, for my relatives in Greece, and his surname is Koizumi for his father."

The man nodded, speechless at the sudden appearance of his son. Just as she said to do, he left the small house next to the river and moved into the city. But he never forgot the woman with eyes the same color as the river he loved.

The End

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