My Face Isn't Ugly!Mature

So... um... yeah. Awkward....

Anyways people these days really make me mad with all of these accusations about witches. Well listen here buddy: You don't know anything!

First of all not all witches are evil. For you guys it has be either good or bad. Light or dark. Well screw that! Can't I just live my life? Believe it or not but most witches just want to live a quiet, peaceful life. 

Oh, yeah. The broomstick thing too. Okay so witches don't ride broomsticks. I don't know where that came from way back when but it isn't true. All you Harry Potter fans think we ride something like the Nimbo 5000. Yeah.... what the hell is that!? So not true. Personally I like to take my car. It has seat warmers.

Now though I do love The Wizard of Oz (my favorite movie!) my face isn't green. I don't have moles. My nose isn't crooked and long. I'm not ugly. If I say so myself I'm pretty freaking good looking. In these times I guess you would call me "hot". 

Do all witches get along? That's a big fat no. If another witch is annoying you all you have to do is kill them. Zap. Oh did I kill you? Sorry, my hand slipped. 

We witches get a lot of hell. Especially during the Salem witch trials. It was hard work trying to act normal. Most of those people were actually normal human beings. Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do. That's survival of the fittest. Go look it up. 

So next I think is powers. I don't carry around a wand. That's way too much work and to be honest that's soooooo two centuries ago. All I do is say a little spell or think it in my head (which is easier). What I don't like though is when other witches think their powers or whatever are invincible. I hate arrogant witches like that. Obviously though I'm not that type what so ever even though my spells can kick all of their asses.

Anyways I think that's about it so.... yeah.... um.... awkward.  

The End

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