Forever DarkMature

I walked down the lonely street, searching for some poor sap who got thrown out of the house by his girlfriend. My stomach growled....oh how I wish this hunger could be sated.

Then I heard it. The lonely sigh, less than a hundred yards away. Yes...

My feet hit the pavement, taking longer strides than some puny human. I was there in an instant, grabbing the man by the throat and pinning him against the wall. His eyes went wide, taking in my gorgeous features, dark and mysterious. "W-who are you?" he choked out. In answer, I opened my mouth, sharp teeth bared. When I'm hungry, my teeth get sharp. What am I hungry for? Why, human souls, of course.

It took a few seconds for the bright, white light to appear, traveling from the place his heart is up through his mouth. Oh, how delicious. My last feeding was almost a month ago. I try not to feed too often, so know one becomes suspicious. People don't need to know about demons roaming the earth.

Demon? Yes. What else?

We blend in well. We look like normal humans, but our physical appearences are enhanced, well beyond regular people. We are immortal, and we feed on human souls. We also travel to Hell every once in a while...just when we need a break. It's a demon secret, how to get there. If anyone else were to know...well all Hell would break loose.

The End

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