Reign of FireMature

I felt the blood of the pathetic little minion running through my claws as I ripped his beating heart out of his chest, its body tumbled to the hard volcanic ground with several thumps as its many heads hit the floor one after the other. Feed my children. The heart boiled before it burst into flames as I tossed it into the Fire Heart, hundreds of tiny hatchlings who had yet to taste the All Fire scurried from alcoves in the Fire Mountain roaring pathetically at one another for dominance over the beast pieces of meat.

Was that wise Viktorion? asked another of my slightly bigger minions, unfortunately I needed this puny male but the thought of tearing his heart out did seem very appealing at this moment in time. Four of my left heads turned to roar at him sending him flying back into the darkness.

Never question me, or you'll end up like him. The feeling of my claws carving deep grooves into the rock of the Fire Mountain felt good, I still have power, I'm still in control. After the fall of our king by that puny human Hercules we became nothing, erased from the pages of history completely while those others became famous in the words of these puny human creatures. Yet the others were cowards! Scared to reach their full potential as children of the All Fire. All they had to do was drink the liquid fire of the great creator and they became gods! But that old fool Valkyrion had denied them that power, his own people. It made me laugh. He was so scared they would become more powerful than him, the great Valkyrion the Dread! King of Dragon kind. I look forward to the day I can crush his skull beneath my foot! A hatchling suddenly reared up on his minions dead chest sending a great jet of flame shooting into the sky, illuminating the walls of the conical mountain they huddled in, a million eyes reflecting orange in the little ones fire.

He's strong that one!

My lord Viktorion there are still no signs of any dragons left with us! Said an over excitable female. We are the dominant race! We can take back our world!

Not yet my minion...we must wait until our ascension will crush the human race when they are at their highest!

COWARD!  Roared a male from the top of the Fire Mountain, he dropped from the roof, cracking open his black translucent wings. As he hit the floor the hatchling scattered from their food into the darkness they came from, tiny glowing red eyes staring out at the male that had decided to take dominance. We've waited long enough! Millennia held up in Fire Mountains around the world waiting for your orders! Enough!

The Dragons are stronger than we are you lizard born prey! If we try to take dominance in this world and Dragon kind still exist we would fall from the sky like rain!

I've been alive eleven millennia waiting for your command to strike, hiding from these humans like scared pray! We must act! We drink the liquid fire gifting us with powers they couldn't dream of! We'll tear them to shreds. All his nine heads roared at him, dark red tongues flicking behind his tiny white teeth.

I've been alive longer than any other creature in this mountain! If you want dominance say so...then you can end up like him! I said flicking a few heads towards the dead minion. We drank the liquid of the All Fire before...when the war came the Dragons slaughtered us in our're not old enough to remember the war! I do! I will not risk all my children if there is a chance that any Dragon still remains alive! Keep on scouting, keep searching! We've killed dozens in the last few centuries. But never Valkyrion. My minions hung their heads from their perches inside the Fire Mountain to look down at their king as I talked.

The Dread is dead! I can lead our brothers and sisters better than you! I want dominance! Before he could even blink my mouths were around his immortal neck, the irony taste of his blood running down my throats. The minion screamed trying to take flight...but I am bigger. Crunch. Falling dead the immortal head still screamed even as his body and other heads fell, tearing it from it body my other heads roared along with the millions of other heads in the mountain. As I carried it over to the Fire Heart it still screamed, but the liquid fire stopped that. His flesh slid from his bones, his bones crumbled to ash, the largest chunks sinking under the black skin into the orange stomach of the liquid fire. Hatchlings slipped from their alcoves, their single heads biting at the fresh kill.

We are close to our ascension my children! We were thrown from our rightful place by Dragon kind for doing nothing but reaching our immortal potential as rulers of this world! While they fought against the humans in metal skins we hid...and grew...and multiplied...we became strong! They became weak for not drinking the liquid of the All Fire, now they are gone! But let me be sure! I will not see one of my children killed by them when we make our ascension! The humans only have their tiny guns and pipes of fire! But Dragon kind can still harm us! Let us be sure my children! Very little of this planet has not been searched, only a few dozen places remain...when they are clear! We will fly! Roaring at my children as they leapt from their perches and circled around me like enormous black bats I laughed to myself. I didn't give a damn about these creatures...I am the progenitor of my race, if they kill me, no other will rise again. Valkyrion knows this. Our ascension is close! We will blacken the sky with our wings and release down a reign of fire onto these humans! Then the Hydra's will take their rightful place as rulers of this planet!  My roars joined the thousands of others, our time is near.


The End

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