The Three-Way StreetMature

I prowled the land of the forest, my insides tearing each other out. I hear happy shouting and laughing nearby, and roared loudly, closely followed by hooves stamping. I was in an evil mood. I'd just come come across a bunch of mortal hunters. They still think I'm a devil on Earth. Just because I'm different from them. Yes, I may be bigger and have a more sly and, in a way, more sluggish attitude, but why do they always judge me? Don't judge a book by it's cover. That's what my mother always told me, and I don't see why it shouldn't apply in this day and age.

Ow! A thorn's gotten stuck in my leg! A whiney voice crept into my thoughts. The Amalthean Goat. Oh, shut up, you useless creature! The great snake butted in too. For once, I was out of this argument, but that doesn't mean it wasn't annoying. I have the brain of this body, so you two shut up! I, the Nemean Lion, shouted (inside our head).

Actually, we all have a third of the brain each! Of couse, that's the goat.

Yes, but it's inside my head!

Just shut up! I can sense someone coming, even over the racket that you two are making! The snakes tail was darting to and fro.

A single mortal emerged from the depths of the woods. We pulled ourself together and got ready to roar, when a split second decision was made. We pounced. He screamed as we pinned him to the floor. I opened my mouth and breathed fire in his face, charing him half to death. Now it was the goats turn. He stamped all over the mortal. Almost dead. To finish him off, the snakes tail pierced him. He froze then fell limp, dead.

We may fight between ourself a lot, but when we're put together, we're deadly. I guess that's why we are who we are: the chimera.

The End

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