The Irony of It AllMature

Well, yesterday I was on a rollercoaster, screaming my head off. Today, I'm learning how to fly. Fly isn't actually the right word, but neither is hover. I guess float would be the best word, because we can't really fly around, we start to fly, and then I guess we begin to hover. Anyways, my guardian is teaching me how to... fly and then hover.

My guardian's name is Susan. She's about twenty-five years old, at least looks it. She told me she's five hundred. I told her she was a filthy liar. Susan came to me last night, when I was eating dinner. It was just my mom and I, and bam! She was in my house. My mom looked at her, and introduced me. My mom's a fairy too, but she's "retired".

Anywho, Susan told me that I was a fairy, and I told her bullcrap, but not exactly. She then sprouted some wings and showed me how. All I have to do is believe. Just kidding, no I actually Susan mumbled some ridiculous chant I didn't know, and then I sprouted these light pink wings. They were tiny, and reminded me of a butterfly. I had a black dot on each wing, exact same spot, like a butterfly, but not exactly.

After that happened I ran out the house, and got yelled at by Susan. She took me to fairytopia, which is not what it's called. I just call it that because I keep forgetting what Susan calls it. I was introduced to other fairies, who seemed very not pleased to meet me. Maybe because I don't look like fairy material. I have brown hair and a blonde streak in my hair by my left ear. I have two different colored eyes, blue and brown, and I'm very curvy, not fat. I'm absolutely not fat.

Honestly, I think they were just jealous. The other fairies were pretty,(and handsome) but I'm freaking beautiful. They better be jealous. I think the main reason they were not pleased to meet me is because I look like a punk rock princess and not a sunshine state queen.

They're gonna have to deal.

The End

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