Ocean ParadiseMature

Yes, I'm a mermaid. Yes, I have a tail and long flowing hair. And yes, to mortals I'm very beautiful.

And as for that myth that we lure sailors to their death, it's false. Completely false. Where did that story even come from? I mean, yes sailors fall in love with us, and I'll admit, we fall in love with them sometimes, but we don't lure them. What good would that do for us?

Sharp teeth? Sure, but in the sense that you mortals have sharp teeth. As in, only sharp enough to chew the little meat we eat, mostly seafood.

Well, obviously we live underwater. When we go on land, we do not grow legs, but we don't die either. We just can't move very well. We kinda just sit there. That's why we're not on land very often.

And our underwater kingdom. Man, you mortals are blind. You pass by it all the time. I'm always amazed when ou don't see it. The castle is a wonder. Made of the purest, deepest blue sapphire, the tallest tower stands over 100 feet tall. Even the poorest of our subjects has a house made of a precious stone or gem, and at least 5 children.

We are immortal, to an extent. There are many ways to kill us, you puny mortals just haven't figured them out yet. So until then, we'll be with you forever.

The End

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