How did you feel?

This is a verse of a song that I wrote but I decided to put it up here as a poem for you guys :)

It's dedicated to the man who kindly participated in giving birth to me also known as my "Dad"

Enjoy :)

I was just a little girl when you walked out the door,

In case you don't remember I was only four.

Was innocent,Was clueless

Was stupid,but now I'm reckless

With no care in the world, gladly you left your little girl.

You went away, never looked back

But in my heart you left some tracks.

Kept thinking you never loved me ,you only stayed because you felt sorry.

Well you don't have to worry now because you never did.

Don't start caring now because someday you'll see me up on a stage.

How did you feel when you left me all alone?

In the cold at night, like I wasn't someone.

How did you feel when I begged you "please don't go?"

You looked me in the eyes but still walked out the door.

Mommy thought I was too young to understand

Yes, I was but I comprehend.

You will look back to this day

and regret walking out someday.

The End

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