Part OneMature

I never thought I'd like you this much, and I never planned to have you on my mind this often. It all happened fast, and I don't remember where to begin. You are the reason my life is easier, you're the reason I want to be at school, and you're also the reason why I shouldn't think of boys who only judge people. I look for personality and I don't even care what people look like.

Before this happened, I was stressed. Sometimes depressed, but normally I would be happy. I go to a behavior school, and that school is filled with mixed grades. K-10, I think. I went there in the middle of September or maybe October but I forgot. I had a bad rep there, and felt like the teachers weren't helping, so yeah...I hated myself then. I acted a fool by saying inappropriate things to impress people--HEY DON'T JUDGE ME. I was 12 years old and didn't know any better, and that I wanted to know what life is. 

Forget it! I'm just going to the point. Yes, before this hot stud muffin set foot into our school, I had some bad stressful days, which my grandparents are too damn naive to understand. Oh yes, while I was sulking at the back table in the classroom, I heard those stupid sixth graders in my class saying, "Mr. M has a brother!" 

I sat up and exclaimed, "Mr. M has a brother!?" Moments later, I saw him walking down the hallway and I was like, WHAT THE HELL!? IS THAT THOR!? I didn't believe it at first so I asked my teacher about him and he said that is was literally his brother...everyone's been saying that he looked like Thor a lot, some saying he even looked like Triple H, but that dude looks like a blonde version of a demon.

This guy doesn't look anything like Mr. M. He is tall, lean, I guess muscular with beige skin, blond hair--long...and golden and I don't know what color his eyes are. But I didn't care nonetheless, I wanted to TALK to him...get to uh, know him a little better. I love new people. 

When Mr. M wasn't in class at the moment, his para-pro, Ms. C took us outside. And guess who I saw standing off the wood chips? Thor was. Gaining composure, I walked over to him. The more I stood near him, the more my cheeks felt flushed. I have dark skin, so I don't blush, but I do feel it when my cheeks heat up. "Hi, Mr. C! Mr. M told me all about you!" I said, lying so that I wouldn't kinda sound off. 

"Well I hope that he didn't tell you ALL about me or that wouldn't be good." Mr. C said. Since I was sorta watching his class, I couldn't see his reaction, and then when he said that, I giggled. Man, I felt my kokoro go doki doki. Yes, I'm such a fan of Japanese stuff. 

I was out sick for a WHOLE week so that meant that--oh well let me recap to that one day when it snowed. When we were coming in, I saw Mr. C standing by his door, his very rude class behind him putting on their coats. "Is your class going outside?" I asked him while leaning beside the doorway. I do not wanna end up close to him--or it will be freaky.

"Probably not," Mr. C replied, looking at the snow outside. I can't describe how--uh, what's the word? I guess shocked? Okay, whatever. When Mr. M wasn't looking, I snuck out and walked into Mr. C's room and saw Mr. L, his para-pro in there too, I also think I saw a little kid in there. Mr. C was on his computer so I said, "Sup?"

Mr. C was like, "Jordan you know you're not supposed to be in here." He stood up from his desk and walked me towards the door. "I don't want Mr. M getting mad."

"What for?" I asked, wondering what Mr. M would be mad about in the first place. 

"Well I don't want any brother drama." He replied as he stood beside his door when I walked out. Speak of the devil, Mr. M came down the hallway and said, "Stop flirting." Did that son of a gun really think I was flirting

"Shut up!" I said, punching him playfully in the shoulder. "I'm not flirting, I told you there was something wrong with me!" I touched my face when I felt it heating up...and was like, oh lord. There actually was something wrong with me....

"I know." Mr. M said, smiling. I didn't know how to act, so don't be all like, 'you're flirting' because flirting is WAY different than talking to him. My voice is too deep and gruff for me to sound 'flirtatious' so yeah. When my bus was called, I left the building and got on my bus to tell my friend J'Ara, who sits in front of me the news. 

The End

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