Red Wine

One gorgeous night, I prayed that this will never end. Monday nights are more beautiful than I can imagined. I was all dressed up. In my red sparkling dress. My makeup was a mixture of Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, La Bella Donna, and of course, Revlon.

My hair was up, and I was wearing Avon’s Far Away perfume. He loved the way I looked that night. I guess he was listening to Mr. Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”. He was wearing his favorite black suit for our date. His jet black hair was slanted back, and he always showed me his beautiful smile.

He was charming, and sensitive. But he was a handsome man. My dream man, who was a Jewish man who kept his Jewish and Christian beliefs. He wouldn’t share them with anybody because of his public figure life. But he saw that I understood. Because he knew that I am a Christian too!

We were on top of the world. The top of the apartment building during this one romantic Monday evening. The wind was gently blowing, caressing my skin. Summer was a major part of our evening. And my date prefered for us to be alone, than for us to be in the public eye, where the nasty tabloids won’t eat us alive.

We ate underneath the stars, and we drank my favorite red wine. I love red wine, which is the color of love and the color of making my heart even stronger. We looked at each other as we continued to drank some more. He, then, looked at my glass. I pressed my lips onto the glass. Then came the red lipstick on my glass. He loved to see me do that. I looked at his face full of the beard. His green eyes never missed a beat. Then, his eyes gazed at my legs. He was impressed with the way my legs looked smooth. Then, he rise up, took my hand, and danced. He held onto me tight. He kissed me on my lips. His tongue touched mines. And then, we clicked. I do believe that my sparkling red dress, the Monday summer night skies, and my first real kiss with the man I love was real. But I also believed the aphrodisiac effect on our love would have to do with the red wine.

The End

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