The Black & White Tail

The water dropped somewhere in the basement. It sounded like a drop in the bucket. Then I heard the foot sounds. The creepy foot sounds. Oh No! I hope there aren’t any rats running around here. Because I cannot stand them. Their big claws, their little eyes glowing green when it’s under a blacklight.

Heat was the norm, and so was the darkness. I was in the downtown Detroit Hart Plaza basement for about an hour now, and the sweat rolled off my back as if I just came out the shower. Call me crazy, but I thought it was going to cool off tonight. But I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, the creepy foot sounds were getting louder by the minute. Who could be down here at this late hour? I don’t know and I don’t like it. It felt so creepy, and yet, the atmosphere felt moist. I had my little pink “girly” flashlight to see where I was going. Because who knows whom I may run into. Batman? Perhaps! But more sinister than that. As I kept creeping around the corner to get a peep, I smelled something. Something that smelled awful. I could not stand it. I had smelled this smell before. Once in my front yard, and again in my backyard. It smelled like a burnt rubber. But this one was even worse than I can imagined. Then I got out my pepper spray, to be prepare to strike at whatever it was lurking around the corner. I shined my light on what it was that was making the foot walking noises. I saw the black and white tail. Unusual for a rat. But luckily, that was not a rat. No! Indeed, it was a skunk. A stupid skunk. I ran away from it screaming like a scared child. I hope it doesn’t try to follow me, so that it can spray me or I’m in big trouble. I didn’t want to stay in the basement all night; so I tried to get the door open. And now I smelled it, which made my nostrils very unpleasant. I finally got it opened and ran out of there in fear.

The End

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