Henry's Thoughts

Why do annoying people always want to touch my forehead? This happens every single day. All of the bratty kids and their, "I wanna ride" whining effect. It gives me a headache.

It's bad enough that they have lukewarm water for us to drink. But we have to deal with other transportations too! And don't get me started on that stupid green city bus. It's a 1931 Model A bus, or so he keeps reminding me. Then I get steam in my eye from a locomotive, who doesn't know when NOT to use it.

If you ask me, I can't wait to blow this joint. I'm too old, too tired, and has a short fuse. My name is Henry, the horse, and if anybody(and I do mean ANYBODY) in the Greenfield Village say one more thing to me; they will get kicked so far up their behinds, EVERYBODY will hear them scream their lungs out. “Try me! I dare you!” I told them..

The End

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