I love your smile. You have always put a smile on your face. I love the way you carry yourself. You never wore your pants sagging down.

You are a man who can make me laugh, blush when you're handsome. And with your beauty, it shows through with or without your facial hair.

I love rubbing my fingers through your beautiful hair. I love the way your pretty green eyes sparkled. You make me feel so good. There is always something about you that I love.

You are a shy man, but is not afraid to speak what's on your mind. You don't like to be compared, and you made the tabloids look like idiots. I love how you tell your stories. I love it when you love the very things that are important to you. That is the real you, babe.

There is no doubt on how much I love you. You are a wonderful man. You can relax me, and you stole my heart. I love you, Adrien, you are the man for me.

The End

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