My Room

Our class was asked to write a descriptive piece about the room where we write.

When I open the door the first thing that catches my eye is the two large tiger-striped black and white angelfish gracefully swimming amongst a school of smaller brightly colored fish. Their watery habitat has a variety of lush aquatic greenery and several ornaments, all encompassed by a four-foot long glass rectangle. A smaller tank houses three pea puffers, two ottos, and an algae eater; decorated in a similar fashion, this tank mimics the larger one. The sound of running water overflows into the airwaves. Potted foliage marks the three corners of the room opposite the entryway. Each plant bares its own accent color with a different shade of green, emitting its own unique presence. Books on an assortment of subjects ranging from gardening to writing to drawing and exercising are uniformly stacked in their designated areas. There is a keyboard, stool, and microphone trio awaiting their inspiring yet unmotivated songwriter of an owner. The bed and dresser combo is proportionately large for the space.

This room is a fine example of a co-existence between office and bedroom. An artistic form of symmetrically organized chaos patterns the walls. Dark blue blinds will remove the glaring eastern sunlight when drawn shut. The pale glow of lit candles combined with the aroma of burnt incense creates an ambient mood. I am in a peaceful state.

The End

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