I sit one leg atop the other and stare out at the land before me. Hills dip and rise, all covered in the greenest of grass. Peaks jut from the soil as fog caresses their sides. The mist runs over me, the droplets of water settling on my skin, the cool air settling in my soul. A stone wall stands next to me. Not solid stone but the old kind of wall, that before technology, a wall made by stacking one rock atop another. 

I am alone with my thoughts. The only sounds are my slow breath and waves crashing on a distant shore.

Something sounds in my mind. It is high and beautiful. It is the sound of a fiddle. I stand up. My soul is alive, energy runs through every part of my body and I run. The fog rolls around me, I run down into the valley, my legs a magnificent blur. Things change.

I'm no longer in a valley, a huge tree grows before me, taller than man's greatest skyscraper and wide enough that its edges fade from my vision. Crevices and cities line its sides. Enormous birds fly from its branches, lined with windows.

The tree is gone and I am in space. Galaxies pass by me. Huge ships roar through the soundless void. The blackness engulfs me.

Then I am back on the hill. I lean over and pant. I was home. In my place. In my mind.

The End

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