The cool air fills my lungs with sweet fragrances. The grass underneath my bare feet tickles them, giving signs of life. I rest my tired body on the grass, rejoicing in the cool shade provided by the enourmous and towering tree above me. Its leafs dances with the cool breeze marking its tempo and its rhythm.

The sound of water is fulfilling and heals my battered soul after a battle with Life. The stream takes the weight away, leaving me weightless as a feather, in both body and spirit. The sun caress the Earth with its sun rays, a constant reminder of the energy behind the living things. The moon slowly creeps in at the end of the day, setting a lovely environment, accompanied with the stars. Everybody should enjoy darkness, for, without darkness we wouldn't be able to look at the stars, moon, and other celestial bodies and lose ourselves in their immensity.

The wind blows new life into me, whispering in my ear songs of ailment. The wind tells me stories of far away lands, inviting me, and alluring me to share the experience. I follow.

I close my eyes and grateful for nature's blessings. Out here, with nature, nothing can harm me. Humankind have abused nature, but nature bites back... and hard.

I let the soft lullaby nature sings to me every night to overpower my consciousness, overwhelm my spirits, and make my heart rest. For that I am grateful, my haven.

The End

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