My Place

In retrospect, this is pretty simple. Think of the place that brings you to inner peace (real or imaginary, I could care less). Once in mind, describe this place as thoroughly as possible. Oh, and have fun with it! :)

I can feel the sand in between my toes as soft as velvet and as warm as a blanket on a spring night. The gentle sound of waves is like a majestic melody that follows a constant, slow, and overwhelming tempo. The wind gentle caresses my face and ruffles my hair as it flows ever on to distant lands that I may never live to see. I feel the comforting heat of the setting sun of my chest. Lastly, I feel the interlocking of her soft fingers in mine telling me that I will always be happy as long as they are there with me. I take all this in and find myself with not a care left in the world but simple joy and carelessness replacing any rage that once resided inside of me. I feel... Home. 

The End

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