23 July 2010

Okay, so I'm pretty rubbish at keeping up this one post at a day thing. In my defence, I have been incredibly busy.

Filming with Sky one started last saturday and from then on till Wednesday morning I didn't really have a moment to myself. Not that I'm complaining because it was one hell of an experience. I don't think I've enjoyed something as much as that in a long time. And I got a lot of free stuff ;) Although I didn't get to keep the dress which is a shame, but then I guess I wasn't going to wear it again and considering I didn't pay for it, it wasn't a bad deal. And I met some amazing people though it all.

Prom was pretty amazing. Completely killed me energy wise though. I've been petty much regaining all my energy by sleeping and eating junk food for the past couple of days. Oh yeah, I'm living it up.

I'm seeing Toy Story 3 tomorrow. I couldn't care less that I'm 16, the excitement I'm feeling about seeing that film is unreal. Ahh! I'll let you know what I think.

So anyways, when something interesting happens in my life I'll let you guys now!

"There's a snake in my boot"

The End

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